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Full Time
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posted almost 9 years ago

Job Description

Duties & Responsibilities:

· Take full responsibility for the set up and effective operating of the restaurant within Company Policy at all times including the opening and closing procedures.

· Maintain a high standard of customer service and customer management at all times.

· Direct hiring, training, motivating and scheduling of food service personnel.

· Investigate and resolve complaints concerning food quality and service.

· Enforce sanitary practices for food handling, general cleanliness, and maintenance of dining areas.

· Maximizes bar profitability by ensuring portion control; monitoring accuracy of charges.

· Maintains ambiance by controlling lighting, music, linens, glassware, dinnerware, and utensils; monitoring food presentation and service.

· Communicate with customers, sales reps, and suppliers,

· Ensure that all employees adhere to company policies.

· Manage the day-to-day performance of staff.

· Conduct employee evaluations on regular basis.

· Manage and maintain correct staffing levels in relation to sales forecasting.

· Conduct monthly staff meetings.

· Perform cash handling procedures to company policy.

· Organize marketing activities, such as promotional events, parties, and private events.

· To carry out ordering of supplies as and when needed.